50k Giveaway
Here's to you, Libations Nation! Thank you for expanding our beautiful Instagram community beyond 50,000!


We are the Sage Sniffers, the Dew Dabbers, and the Underarm Charmers who can smell imitation from a mile away.
We know that beauty is not applied yet illuminated from the inside and infused with irrepressible flower power.
We regale our bodies in the energy of nature’s creations.
We exult in the elegant elixirs of life.
We are living in Libations.


In celebration, we are pleased to share an abundant collection of Living Libations with FIVE lucky winners.
To enter, please leave your email and instagram handle below.
Giveaway closes at midnight Pacific time on 27th July 2022.

Stay tuned on Instagram @livinglibationsofficial for our giveaway winner announcement on 28th July 2022.
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