The Ethics Of Unadorned Essentials
If you have enjoyed the revelrous aroma of the rose, the stimulating scent of peppermint, or the verdant essence of cardamom, then your nose knows essential oils.

Essential oils are a liquid concentrate of the unadorned aromatic molecules of a plant. These oils have the distinctive aroma and flavor of the plant of origin. This nourishing liquid enthusiastically absorbs through the membrane of our skin to bless mood, mind, and body. Sincere, generous, and immeasurable plant life!

Plant oils are botanical miracles. When oils are skillfully combined, the mosaic effect of thousands of plant compounds bursts forth with an intelligence and life force that defines every Libations creation.

Do you like to play mix-master? So do we!

To empower your creative mixing, we offer single note essences and carrier oils. On every oil’s product page, we offer information on what the essence smells like, how we like to use it, and what oils it blends well with to help you make educated and inspired blends.

We are happy to offer personalized good-mixing tips and encourage wise experimentation. Just give us a call, send us an email, or ask us on Facebook.

For more DIY tips and recipes, check out our library of articles and Nadine’s two books, Renegade Beauty, and Holistic Dental Care.

Most of our Libation bottles and lids can easily be washed and reused to contain your own creations before they are recycled.

DIY Essences for Animals

There are ancient and contemporary accounts of people using botanicals to treat, clean, and bolster their pets and farm animals. The use of plant oils with animals is outside of our area of expertise, though, so we refrain from making recommendations.

We recommend the following books:

Essential Oils for Animal by Nayana Morag 

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell