Fierce Grace Collection
Fierce Grace Collection
Fierce Grace Collection
Fierce Grace Collection
Fierce Grace Collection

Fierce Grace Collection

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In love with the emotional grace, meditative-manna, and otherworldly aromas of pure essences distilled from plants, Carrie-Anne Moss collaborates with Nadine Artemis to create a special selection, a Fierce Grace Collection, of essential oils that resonate with the themes of creating a life you crave.

All 5ml bottles packaged in a pine wood box. 

New feature: with labels on caps of bottles too.

Fierce Grace Collection:

Special Price: $285 includes Free Shipping in the US + Canada

Savings of $70 

Fierce Grace Collection with Breeze Aroma Diffuser:

Special Price: $380 includes Free Shipping in the US + Canada

Savings of $80 


Invite the verdant essence of botanical oils to supple and strengthen your soul and its moist envelope, the skin. Essential oils are vast, intricate strands of plant-telegrams that mirror the molecules of our human hormones, enzymes and neuro-transmitters, which "allow" the plant to have an effect on us. Essential oils improve metabolic, emotional and mind processes in our organism. They attune our senses to communing with the world-cosmos-earth.

All oils are in 5ml glass bottles nestled in a pine wood box.

Sandalwood Essential Oil: Rooting In
(Santalum album)

Get rooted in! Empower your roots to grow deep into fertile ground. Steady-souled and ancient Sandalwood Essential Oil, distilled from the aromatic heartwood of South Pacific trees, suffices the skin with magnificent moisture and is the grounding note for many perfumes. The goodness of this oil is grounding and calming for the skin and spirit. It anoints your roots as the rain anoints the grass.

How to use: In skin serums and hair oils, it is revitalizing, replenishing, and moisturizing. It is a wonderful addition to a do-all skin serum that cleanses and moisturizes the skin. The honey-sweet and woody balsamic undertones make it essential for earthy perfumes, captivating colognes, and dapper deodorants.

5ml Bottle 100% Santalum album

Ylang Essential Oil: Dance of the Poet
(Cananga odorata)

Ylang Ylang, the Flower of Flowers! The playful aroma of this bright yellow flower floods the consciousness with creativity as you dream and scheme of the life you want. What is the song of your life? Where does your freedom lie? Just one drop of tropical plant poetry on the skin or in the air will help you create your own why,

Ylang Essential Oil It is steam distilled in the verdant lushness of Nossi-Bè, Madagascar. Unique amongst floral distillations, Ylang has a high oil yield and is distilled in four stages. We prefer the rare, first part of the distillation, known as "extra," or "superior." This first distillation is the crème of the crop as it emanates the most ethereal aroma, as it is highest in the aromatic and lovely ester compounds. The subsequent distillations are classified 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, which are the more commonly available distillations.

How to use: Adds sweet sensuality and playfulness to love potions and pleasurable perfumes. A delight to diffuse, especially with citrus. A benevolent bathing beauty. Tranquils tension and body-mind harmonizer. Magnificent moisturizer and skin oil balancer. Helps hair shine divine.

5ml Bottle 100% Cananga odorata

Cardamom Essential Oil: Temple Body
(Elettaria cardamomum)

Discover your heart-strong resolution and ever-steady centeredness deep within and let strengthening Cardamom be your compass and scent your way.

Cardomom Essential Oil carries within it the mystical myths of the ancient Egyptians, the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, and the strength of the ancient Vikings. Enjoy the spicy warmth of this reviving essence, which will simultaneously settle and inspire you.

How to use: A delicious culinary oil; just a drop or two of cardamom will bring exotically sweet spice to your favorite dishes and love potions. Add to a massage blend to unwind and clear the mind and skin. It adds an exotic-green masculine note to colognes and amorous perfumes. Diffuse to infuse environments with welcoming clarity. A dash in a bath to revivify.

5ml Bottle 100% Elettaria cardamomum

Alpine Lavender Essential Oil: Beauty Emerge
(Lavandula angustifolia)

Beauty emerges as vibrant lavender fields on pristine hilltops open wide to release the sweet smelling amethyst-aroma infused with mountains of, compassionate care.

This little flower is high altitude kindness to body and soul. Alpine Lavender Essential Oil hails from the fresh air of the Lubéron Mountains to nourish the beauty that lies within. Its service is its ability to smooth mind and body. It is a popular choice for sleepytime, stressed minds, and whispers of worry, and it is also a loving liniment for the skin.

How to use: Sings in skin serums. Beautiful for babies. Benevolent in baths. Diffuse and use droplets on pillows and linens. First-Aid friend. Pampers any perfume.

5ml Bottle 100% Lavandula angustifolia

Frankincense Essential Oil: Alchemy Speak
(Frankincense carterii)

Alchemy speaks word into existence with a tongue set free by ancient wisdom.

Frankincense Essential Oil is an essence of epiphany, a transformer of breath and breadth, distilled from the sap of the Frankincense tree. The rich resinous sap forms droplets known as 'tears' or 'pearls'. The fortitude of Frankincense essential oil is conveyed in its fresh top note which is elevated by deep, reassuring balsamic undertone. A drop on the tongue or a drop on the skin and let the alchemy begin!

How to use: Pacifies apprehension, cools tension, and wafts away worry. Superb in skincare. Dab on fine lines, scars, and signs of premature aging for extra moisture. Freshens breath as a botanicalbiotic. Excellent for oral care. Divine in diffusers. A classical bathing beauty. Fantastic in salt pipes. Mindful in mediation.

5ml 100% Frankincense carterii

Laurel Essential Oil: In Her Light
(Laurus nobilis)

The noble laurel leaf is the ancient Greek symbol of intuitive wisdom and peace. Invite the heady scent of Laurel Essential Oil to set aflame the inner light your intuition.

Light and lively Laurel Essential Oil is an essence that has been known through the ages as Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay, Daphne Leaf, and Moon Laurel. This time treasured tonic has anointed many sages to cultivate the inner voice and tap into deep heart-knowledge.

How to Use: In culinary creations of teas, soups, sauces, and salad dressings. Use in baths, showers, and saunas. Mix into massage oils to inspire sluggish skin. Dab on the chest to invigorate and on the soles of feet for a strengthening treat. Laurel makes breathing sweet when inhaled from the salt pipe, bottle, or diffuser. A masterful oil for meditation, mental focus, creative inspiration, and intuition. Sprinkle on pillows for divining dreams. A happy household cleaner, to cleanse and infuse spring-freshness in to the air.

5ml Bottle 100% Laurus nobilis

Jasmine Sambac Absolute: Wonder Woman
(Jasminum sambac and Jojoba, Simmondsia chinensis)

Revel in womanly wonder of lunar life and meld your cells with moon-blooming Jasmine Sambac to commune with the mystery of the moon and stars.

Drawn from the fragrant depths Jasmine Sambac flowers that tune with the cycles of the moon, this Absolute captures the fragrant essence of the velvet nights. It is blended with 50% Jojoba Oil for soft, sensual use. With one drop on the wrist or swept through the hair, this nocturnal superhero will perfume your moonlit evenings and inspire your aura of awe.

How to Use: Perfumery. Comb through the hair. Inspires desire. Beautiful in baths.

5ml Bottle 50% Jasminum sambac + 50% Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

Roses over Geranium: Venus and Gold
(Rosa damascena + Pelargonium graveolens)

A super simple and modern partnership of goddess-radiance and personal power: this is the essence of pure pleasure and the ease of a single flower in a mason jar.

Roses over Geranium is a partnership of rose and geranium blossoms co-distilled for sublime skin smoothing combination. Together, these fantastic flowers create a rare and rose essential oil that smells of sweet floral, fresh green, and hints of golden citrus.

How to use: Inhale from a salt pipe or enliven an environment by diffusing. Delightful in baths. A manna for dry skin. Apply neat or in mix in softening serums. Magnificent in moontime massages.

5ml Bottle 100% co-distillation of Rosa damascena + Pelargonium graveolens

Peppermint Essential Oil: Holding Home
(Mentha piperita)

Honor and sustain your home: the physical space of family and rest and the home that you carry within.

Perky and penetrating Peppermint Essential Oil grows throughout Europe, Australia, and North America, though our French distiller offers some of the purest, peppiest mint in all the lands. It is a refreshing burst of vivacious mighty mint molecules. The bright, lively scent offers a caffeine free wake-up call and a bright addition to deep home cleansing.

How to use: Calming and cooling, apply a drop to temples and neck. Dilute to use in jojoba to cool redness. Inhale in salt pipe and diffusers to refresh focus, breathe beautifully, and alleviate apathy. Super duper in a salt pipe. Crystal clear in diffusers. Feels good on foreheads that have thought too much. Acts nice like portable, peppermint ice: apply neat to skin that is in need of some cool TLC.

5ml Bottle 100% Mentha piperita

Rose Otto: Radiance Awaken
(Rosa damascena and Jojoba, Simmondsia chinensis)

A paragon of queenly radiance: the rose opens softly in due time and generously inspires and fills the air with sweet perfume.

Radiant Rose Otto has long been associated with instilling confidence in seekers of love. Its opulent rosy aroma was one of the first flowers to be venerated with steam distillation. Poets, writers, and mystics have extolled its heart-awakening effects, which opens the heart to loving life.

How to use: Sublime for skincare. Regal in florals perfumes. Add one drop for a languid bath. Decadent in a diffuser.

5ml Bottle 50% Rosa damascena and 50% Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

Bergamot Essential Oil: By the Fire
(Citrus bergamia)

Ignite the fire that is your life, and let the warmth and brightness of your light shine. Allow a single drop of stimulating Bergamot to stoke your fire and nourish your soul.

Bergamot Essential Oil is crafted from the delicate peels of the almost-ripe rinds the fruit grows beneath the wintery Italian sun. Packed with all the citrus benefits of lemons and oranges combined, Bergamot oil is cultivated for its flavorful aroma, skin beautifying properties, and cheerful disposition.

How to use: Excellent in blends. Perfect in perfumes. Uplifting in baths, massages, and diffuser blends. Do not apply undiluted to the skin and then expose the skin directly to sunlight). Bergamot is not photosensitizing when diluted to 1% or less in a blend with a carrier oil, such as Jojoba, Coconut, or Olive oils.

5ml Bottle 100% Citrus bergamia

Chamomile Essential Oil: I Am
(Anathemis nobilis)

Inspired soul integration summons the elegance of the existential "I am." The delicate-daisy white flower buds of Roman Chamomile are a calming cordial to the heart chakra, harmonizing the true self with life's rhythms.

Roman Chamomile has a sweet, mildly herbaceous-hay scent reminiscent of a ripe apple dancing upon a summer breeze.

How to use: Apply neat. Massages into muscles and anoint chakras. In aromatherapy it is used to increase calm confidence and enhance wellbeing. Anoint hair and wrists to enjoy as a full bloom perfume

5ml Bottle Anthemis nobilis

Breeze Aroma Diffuser

Create an optimal, aromatic environment with Living Libations Breeze Aroma Diffuser that mists molecules of essential oils to add aromatic ambience and microscopic inspiration to care for the air in bedrooms, living rooms, studios, and offices. Simply combine the essential oils you want to diffuse in water, and inhale the airy mixture of molecules that cleanse, purify, and refresh any atmosphere. Pure, organic essential oils micro-misted into the air enter your body through the breaths and seed their pure plant potency in every breath. Within moments, feelings uplift, breathing deepens, and clarity and creativity flow.