Happy Hand Care Bundle
Happy Hand Care Bundle

Happy Hand Care Bundle

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Quick overview

Living Libations Happy Hand Care Bundle is your manicure in a bag. From thick, moisturizing hand crème to replenishing cuticle care and cleansing essential oil, we have packaged everything you need to have for happy hands in a handy bundle.

Every bundle includes three Libations and a Crystal Nail File stowed in a hand sewn vintage bag with a sturdy zipper. You can also choose to add a Natural Nail Brush to your bundle if you wish.


  • Hooray Hand Crème
  • Best Cuticles Ever
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

You hold health in your hands with pure plant botanicals and organic essential oils. Our Happy Hand Care Bundle has everything you need for smooth, silky skin and strong nails and cuticles – rich crèmes, clarifying cuticle oils, a short-bristled nailbrush, and our crystal nail file to prevent chipping and breakage, all stowed in at your fingertips in a Living Libations bag.

Each Happy Hand Care Bundle includes:

Hooray Hand Crème - This thick, nourishing moisturizer protects and penetrates desert dry skin. It’s bright, elevating aroma is sure to please as the crème carries on softening hardworking hands, drench dry elbows, and smooth coarse cuticles and cracked feet. 15ml

Best Cuticles Ever - Is a plant-based cuticle care oil to care for hangnails, dry cuticles, and overgrown nail beds. Crafted with nourishing botanicals, Best Cuticles Ever can be massaged into cuticles after gardening, dishwashing or a dry winter’s day and left on overnight for an even deeper dose of moisture! 15ml

Tea Tree (Malaleuca alternifolia)- This handy all-purpose oil is perfect for hangnails and is a neat nail treat. By applying a drop under each nail, this lightly whitens the nails, giving a super natural French manicure look. It keeps nails ultra-clean too. See hand care recipes with Tea Tree below. 5ml

Crystal Nail File - Protect nails from chipping and peeling with the power of tempered crystal glass! Our Crystal Nail Files have a finer grit than typical cardboard files, which can damage and weaken nails. They are also more sanitary than cardboard or metal files because of the porous nature of the glass, which is easily sterilized with soap and hot water or high heat. Crystal nail files also last up to ten times longer than regular files – often for years on end!

Natural Nail Brush - Our short-bristled nailbrush is made of solid waxed beech wood and is perfect for a hearty scrubbing of fingernails and toenails. Add a drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil and brush gently but firmly, making sure the brush’s short bristles reach underneath each nail. (Optional)

Hooray Hand Care with Tea Tree:

Lemon + Baking Soda Nail Brightening Soak

Soaking nails in Lemon, Tea Tree and baking soda diminishes yellowing and staining, while sea salt softens cuticles and strengthens nails.

Mix ingredients in a small bowl of water. Swish together and soak for ten minutes and then scrub nails. Moisturize cuticles with Everything Balm or an All Over Oil. Finish by adding a drop of Tea Tree under each nail, if your nails are longer.

  • 5ml Sea Salt
  • 5ml Baking Soda
  • 60ml water
  • 5 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Tea Tree

Hand Sanitizer

Fill a small spritzer bottle with 3 parts organic vodka with 1 part of Tea Tree.