Maverick Men’s Kit

Maverick Men’s Kit

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True power is all natural. It isn’t being forced or manufactured, only harnessed from the strength within. Let our collection of earthy-fresh fragrances inspire your innermost manifestation of fortification: strengthen the skin, sanctify the body, and consecrate the mind as you ritualize the fine art of shaving and caring for your skin. Make the nape of your neck and manly pits an alluring place to dive in!

Each Maverick Men’s Kit contains these nine Libations, an organic hemp cloth, and a portable medium kit bag to organize your essences:

  • Frankincense Best Skin Ever
  • Maverick Face Crème
  • Zen Shave
  • Maverick Poetic Pits
  • Ever Moss Forest Cologne
  • Frankincense + First Friend
  • Open Sky Eye Serum
  • True Blue Spirulina Shampoo
  • True Blue Spirulina Conditioner

Maverick Men’s Kit contains our most vigorous, most masculine aromatics and pure plant botanicals for maverick men on a quest for total health and wellness.

Each kit contains nine wild-crafted, organic infusions to strengthen and fortify body and soul. We have gathered our most sanctifying skin oils, shave crèmes, facial cleansers, and hair care products, and packaged them in a convenient kit that’s perfect for work or play. But we didn’t stop there! No true maverick would be complete without a rich forest cologne, natural deodorant and first aid blend to call his own.

Whether you are foraging in the forest or doing due diligence downtown, our Maverick Men’s Kit has everything you need to achieve perfect homeostasis – of the body, of the soul, of the senses.

Each Maverick Men’s Kit includes:

Frankincense Best Skin Ever - Sanctify the skin with this truly fortifying oil. Sacred Frankincense unlocks your best skin ever, nourishing deeply while bringing balance and restoring vibrancy. Keep it simple: cleanse and moisturize body and face after showering or swimming, or use as an after-shave moisturizer. 30ml

Maverick Face Crème - Nourish parched pores with a thick, rich crème packed with powerful antioxidants. Maverick Face Crème can be used as a succulent moisturizer, healing night crème, or soothing aftershave. 50ml

Zen Shave - Razor burn be-gone! Our Zen Shave crème is perfect for creating a silky-smooth finish on face and body. Create a meditative experience while shaving. No need to rinse off when done – Zen Shave crème can be massaged directly into skin to sooth and moisturize. 25ml

Maverick Poetic Pits - Rock your roots and stay cool to the core with our charming underarm deodorant. Be a fresh, rustic, all-natural rebel and a maverick with his aces in all the right places! 5ml

Ever Moss Forest Cologne - Earthy and opulent, our Ever Moss Forest Cologne anoints every inch with essences of fresh fir and rich tobacco. This all-natural infusion of pure plant botanicals ushers you deep into the forest, where fir trees, sapid citrus and dew-drenched moss invite you to inhale, pause, and drink in the nectar of the present moment. 5ml

Frankincense First + Friend - An abundant apothecary in a bottle,thisconcentrated chrism of potent plant power cleanses, sutures, soothes, and pacifies skin that is calling out an SOS. Together at last, the best botanicalbiotics are blended in to this first assist friend. Each essence in this mighty elixir has been hand-picked for its proven powers: Frankincense fortifies, Peppermint calms and cools, Lavender lulls, Oregano shields, and Thyme tidies up. Apply a drop to resurrect the serenity of your skin and bring the body into balance. 5ml

OpenSkyEyeSerum - A rejuvenating serum for tired eyes, puffy skin, dark circles, and fine lines. This faithful friend fortifies, freshens, and tones delicate under-eye skin with the cool, blue firming fluid of pure plant botanicals creating a super saturation of organic hydration. 3ml

True Blue Spirulina Shampoo - Elevate your hair care routine to positively epic levels. Our shampoo infuses your hair and scalp with beneficial bio-chemicals and azulene compounds. Fight loose dandruff flakes and dry scalp with infusions of extra moisturizing and purifying essences. 15ml

True Blue Spirulina Conditioner - Caress your tresses with the creamy compassion –a botanical balancing act for all hair types! This smoothing, soothing crème helps detangle locks, smooth split ends, and ease dry scalps for the smoothest, silkiest hair ever. 15ml

Organic Hemp Face Cloth -Super soft, yet with the perfect amount of texture for undeniably smooth skin. Our Organic Hemp Face Cloths get you into your cleansing groove! The thick, fleece-like fabric glides over sensitive skin like soft pillows caressing every pore. Use this flat-weave design for deep, gentle oil cleansing with any of our Best Skin Evers. *hemp cloth thread colour may vary