Traveller Poetic Pit Bouquet Bundle

Traveller Poetic Pit Bouquet Bundle

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Quick overview

The Poetic Pit Bouquet Bundle is a sweet sampling of all of our petalled Poetic Pits in perfectly petite roll-on bottles, including: Ginger Lily Poetic Pits,  Neroli Poetic Pits, Lavender Poetic Pits, Stellar Poetic Pits, Petal Poetic Pits, Rose Glow Poetic Pits, Sunrise Poetic Pits.

Each natural deodorant is made with an essential oil elixir to infuse your underarms with pure plant poetry. Enjoy seven distinct Living Libations blends.


Ginger Lily Poetic Pits - Infuse underarms with faint florals saturated in earthier aromas of Sandalwood, musky Gingerlily flowers, and velvety Vetiver.

Neroli Poetic Pits - Enrich each underarm with the exquisite charm of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Neroli blossoms, the favorite oil of 17th century royalty, for a light and lively aroma that slides on Sandalwood and Ylang’s sensuality.

Lavender Poetic Pits - Lovingly lace a relaxing and languid aroma into all the right places.

Stellar Poetic Pits - Charm underarms with charismatic cool-blue Cypress, Sandalwood, and resinous Sacred Frankincense.

Petal Poetic Pits - A sultry garden of delight that lasts from morning till night.

Rose Glow Poetic Pits - Invite noses to a bouquet of roses while this plant poetry creates a sacred space where Rose Otto, Sandalwood, and Geranium distillations provide the aromatic combination of grace.

Myrrh Poetic Pits – The majestic charm of this opulent-odorant sanctifies your sacred underarms.