Creating Libations

Together, they embody a bliss that is caught rather than sought. The alchemy of their cosmic communion pours the levity of life into the sacred and the secular.

Upon meeting, Nadine was compelled by Ron’s life-force, infinite intelligence, and divine playfulness. He was enraptured with being alive and emanated a wondrous, crazy wisdom. To Nadine, Ron was a troubadour, a Prince of Song, and she was enchanted by his bardic grace and strength.  

At first inhalation, Ron smiled at the woman that exuded the pure perfume of a jasmine flower. He was struck by her “real to the feel nature” and inner-wisdom-oasis. Ron knew he had found his “howdy-partner.” Together, the alchemy of their cosmic communion pours the levity of life into the sacred and the secular. 

Some nights they stayed up till dawn, imbibing essential oils, drinking exotic elixirs, and sinking into a world of luscious libations. It was on a night like this that Ron became impassioned about working together. So they did. They started making yoga truffles and chocolate bars, and co-created new perfumes and beautiful blends together. And the beginning of Living Libations bloomed 

Out of this play their luxurious skin care, restorative essences, and replenishing elixirs are made, tuning people’s senses to the adventure of living. In these creations, joyful petals, endless lands and green-leaf glee greet the boundless cosmos of your being. This is the ground to spin around and around and grow branches of bliss to all living things.

Then they took to the woods together and out of their providential-play they laid the foundation for Living Libations future generations.


“Chocolate Yoga, a practice invented by Ron Artemis is gaining popularity in Toronto... it affects the brain in a way that allows one to reach blissful states.” Flare Magazine 

“The flowers are without hands, so they use Nadine’s... infinite recipes flow from her arms.” Lenni Jabour 

“A true sense-visionary! Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special oils... she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.” Alanis Morissette

 “Nadine taps into the divine decanter that pours through every moment.”  Kristin Lehman 

“Glorious bubbles rise out of the endless streaming muse of this Poetic Aromatic Nymph.” John Steele