The beneficent bestower of light and life, our old friend the Sun, is venerated for its rays of red light to illuminate body, mind, and soul.

Theralight phototherapy concentrates the potent properties of redlight and transfers them to the entire body, which transforms it into cellular energy. This energy has wide-ranging effects that improve molecular, cellular, and tissue-level issues.

We have been researching light therapy options for years and we found previous iterations to be ineffective due to improper doses, unsuitable wavelengths, or low potency. Now we are thrilled to offer Theralight 360's powerful gallium aluminum arsenide light emitting diodes (LED) that can be programmed to pulse or continuously send light waves into the body at various doses, potencies, and wavelengths for optimal results. Wavelengths in the 600 nm range treat superficial issues, and the longer wavelengths, from 600-940 nm address deeper issues. These red and near-infrared light waves are absorbed by mitochondria and stimulate healing.

Look what Theralight can do:
  • Heal acne and balance acne-causing microbes
  • Ease pain and inflammation
  • Regenerate skin and melasma
  • Boost mood and energy levels
  • Improve crepey skin and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
  • Speed up post-exercise recovery
The Theralight Experience


Red light therapy is a pleasant experience with a range of benefits. Theralight is not a tanning bed nor a sauna.
A Libations consultant will escort you to a private room and expertly program the Theralight according to your stated needs and expectations. Phototherapy works best on clean skin, so please remove all makeup, lotions, and sunscreens before treatment.

You will then slip into the roomy, full-body Theralight bed for treatment. Pull the canopy top down over you and relax for twenty minutes. Theralight therapy feels like a delightfully sunny day, with temperatures between 78 and 80 F.
While Theralight is perfectly safe for the eyes, the light is bright, so we provide goggles for comfort. It is also safe to not use googles.
When the Theralight turns off, push the canopy up and get dressed. Post-therapy is an amazing time to apply botanical skin serums. We recommend a full body application of favorite Best Skin Ever or Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

If you are taking a pharmaceutical that may be photosensitizing, please talk to your healthcare provider before scheduling a therapy session.

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