Using Essential Oils Made Easy

Topical Application in 5 Steps

1. Find a small container with an air tight lid.

2. Pour your preferred carrier into the container.

3. Add the number of drops of the essential oil(s) to the container according to your desired dilution rate.

4. Put the lid on tightly and shake the bottle to mix the oils with the carrier.

5. Open the bottle and pour out about a teaspoon of the mixture into your hand and dab on the skin.

Using Essential Oils “Neat”

Neat means “straight-up”, undiluted. There are times when a little dab will do and you will want to use a drop of undiluted essential oil. Examples of when you might want to use a drop neat are: zits, blemishes, cuts, scars, burns (peppermint and lavender), a mosquito bite, as a perfume (a drop of jasmine or rose on your wrists, or hair).

Carrier Options

1. Fatty oils: olive, Jojoba, coconut oil, cacao butter, rose hip, pomegranate, tamanu, and red raspberry seed

2. Vinegar: raw, organic apple cider vinegar is best

3. Organic vodka

4. Aloe Vera: freshly squeezed from the leaf of the plant

Dilution Made Easy

1% dilution = 7-10 drops of one or more essential oils + 2 tablespoons of carrier

2% dilution = 14-20 drops of one or more essential oils + 2 tablespoons of carrier

2 tablespoons = 1oz = 30ml

7 Methods of Inhaling Essential Oils

1. Shower: Add 2-3 drops of an essential oil to the bottom of the shower and let the hot water disperse the aroma.

2. Mist diffuser: purified water transformed to cool mist disperses essential oils into the air.

3. Atomizing diffuser: ultrasonic vibrations release micro-particles of essential oils into the air.

4. Stove-top: simmer a pot of water on the stove and add a few drops of your preferred essential oil.

5. Fabric: Place a drop or two of an essential oil on your pillow at night or on a cool, damp cloth and drape the cloth over or near your face for a few minutes as you inhale.

6. Straight from the bottle: open the bottle and take a whiff.

7. Use in our salt pipe.

For culinary uses, please read our article, Culinary use of Essential Oils