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We are continuing to navigate the best business practice and safety measures for our staff, clients, and the State of California. Our Health and Safety team is still assessing any necessary changes and adaptations required to allow for a public boutique access. We appreciate your patience as we shift our business to accommodate the best practices for all. For now, we hope you enjoy our complimentary virtual consultations, curbside pickup, and delivery options.

Living Libations Venice Curbside Pickup

Refresh your Libations supply with an expert as your guide! Simply select the ideal time for your precise pick-up and place your order of desired items in the appointment notes! We will get back to you within one business day if any of your desired items are currently out of stock. When you arrive curbside at the time of your pick-up, please contact us via call or text to complete payment over the phone and your Libations will be delivered directly to your car.

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Please also text if you have any further questions!

Call: 310-399-7472
Text: 310-429-6171

Living Libations Venice Renegade Beauty Phone Consultation

Renegade Beauty Consultants offer deep product knowledge, wise expertise, and charming verve in every consultation call. We will answer any questions you may have about Libations creations and offer personalized recommendations for you and your family. If you would like to complete a purchase after your consultation, please book a Curbside Pickup for the following day, or inquire about our local delivery options.

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*Please note: Living Libations Renegade Beauty Consultants are not certified medical or oral care practitioners.