Frankincense Fortification Kit

Frankincense Fortification Kit

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Quick overview

Celebrate the sacred support of pure Frankincense in all its fortifying glory. Liquid pearls from the tree of life, Frankincense is the incarnation of strength and fortitude.

Keep calm, strong and carry on with this convenient kit of four Frankincense gems.

From balsamic to herbaceous, from aromatherapeutic to meditative, each distinct distillation harnesses a unique facet of Frankincense so you can unleash the power of these sacred essences whenever and wherever you need them most.

Our Frankincense Fortification Kit contains three exclusive expressions of pure Frankincense distilled from different Frankincense groves plus our own exclusive Frankincense Libation. The bottles are delivered nestled and protected in a kit keeper hand sewn from vintage fabric that has a sturdy zipper that opens along the side.

Each kit contains:

  • Frankincense carterii
  • Frankincense sacra
  • Frankincense serrata
  • Frankincense + First Friend

Each kit contains:

Frankincense Carterii (Boswellia carterii) - Classic carterii is an African Frankincense that is hydro-distilled in glass alembics from the opulent oleoresins of the Frankincense tree. This is a holy, quintessential essence for cultivating the skin’s and spirit’s reverence. Warm and balsamy in fragrance, it offers aromatherapeutic, emotional, and spiritual benefits. These liquid pearls offer serene sap that offer an ancient unction for effective oral care, serene skin care, benevolent body care and meditative mind care. 5ml

Frankincense Sacred (Boswellia sacra) - Sanctified Sacred Frankincense is drawn from the sap of trees that grow in a 5,000-year old Frankincense grove in the Dhofar region of Oman – the only place on earth that grows this kind of Frankincense. The sap is hydro-distilled in glass alembics and is said to offer a higher frequency of vibration than any other type of Frankincense. The vibrational frequency of the oil, coupled with its 5,000-year history, makes Sacred Frankincense a powerful choice for meditation, prayer, and spiritual growth. 5ml

Frankincense Serrata (Boswellia serrata) - The Serrata strain of Frankincense is an ancient Ayurvedic jewel that grows in India and is renowned for its extra cooling, soothing, anti-puffiness benefits. It is used to fortify and strengthen the skin and sanctify the home. Frankincense Serrata offers a complex, herbaceous fragrance that is rich and inspiring. Anointed and inhaled in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, this fine, fragrant oil increases the skin’s resilience. Holding the wisdom of the ages, Frankincense is formidable for soothing the appearance of scars, smoothing uneven skin, and minimizing the appearance of melasma and scars. This oil is a terrific tonic that for epochs has been a beloved botanical for body care. 5ml

Frankincense + First Friend - An abundant apothecary in a bottle,thisconcentrated chrism of potent plant power cleanses, sutures, soothes, and pacifies skin that is calling out an SOS. Together at last, the best botanicalbiotics are blended in to this first assist friend. Each essence in this mighty elixir has been hand-picked for its proven powers: Frankincense fortifies, Peppermint calms and cools, Lavender lulls, Oregano shields, and Thyme tidies up. Apply a drop to resurrect the serenity of your skin and bring the body into balance. 5ml