Happy Hair Luxury Kit

Happy Hair Luxury Kit

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Quick overview

Immerse your hair in the embrace of Libations luxury – strand by glamorous strand. Luxuriate your locks with our numinous nourishing shampoos, conditioners, styling serums, masks, and ethically crafted brushes and combs. It all arriveswrapped in a playfully portable, hand sewn kit bag.
This Happy Hair Luxury Kit cares for your crown as you step into the salon at home!
The kit includes these locks-loving Libations:

  • Seabuckthorn Shampoo
  • Shine On Conditioner
  • True Blue Spirulina Shampoo
  • True Blue Spirulina Conditioner
  • Honey Myrtle Deep Conditioning Mask
  • Scalp Tonic
  • Seabuckthorn Styling Serum
  • Your Choice of One Dry Shampoo: Flowers in Her Hair orFrankincense Fortifying

Delight in divine botanicals with a hair care collection that truly shines. Happy Hair Luxury Kit is packed with a plethora of plant botanicals to revive hair and scalp – wet and dry shampoos, deep conditioning masks, non-sticky styling serums and eco-luxury brushes and combs.
Each Happy Hair Luxury Kit comes with:
Seabuckthorn Shampoo glorifies your luscious locks! Undress your tresses from chemical duress with this tried and true herbal infusion. The soft suds clean from root to tip, and it is great for all hair types. Seabuckthorn Shampoo infuses every follicle with pure plant nutrition. Super safe for color treated hair. 120ml
Shine On Conditioner lets pure plant botanicals unveil your natural shine to the world. Shine On Conditioner smoothes flyaways, detangles tresses, and deep conditions dry, frizzy, tangled and color-treated hair. Soften and soothe sans oiliness as your scalp drinks in the earth's most treasured truffles for tresses. 120ml
True Blue Spirulina Shampoo elevates your hair care routine to positively epic levels. Smooth, strengthen and groove your hair to the cool-blue tune of True Blue Spirulina Shampoo – an environmental protector against pollutants and stressors. Fight loose dandruff flakes and dry scalp with infusions of extra moisturizing and purifying essences. 120ml
True Blue Spirulina Conditioner caress your tresses with the creamy compassion – a botanical balancing act for all hair types! This smoothing, soothing crème helps detangle locks, smooth split ends, and ease dry scalps for the smoothest, silkiest hair ever. 120ml
Honey Myrtle Deep Conditioning Mask epitomizes true luxury as our richest, creamiest, dreamiest hair conditioning treatment ever. Nourishing, protecting and balancing, this leave-in conditioner regulates sebum production while increasing nutrient absorption at the hair shaft. 50ml
Scalp Tonic nourishes and restores the scalp to a state of calm clarity. Massage a few drops of our sumptuous Scalp Tonic into the scalp before shampooing or leave on overnight for a deeply tonifying treat. Balance sebum production, reduce dryness, ease dry scalp, and do away with dry flakes. 30ml
Seabuckthorn Styling Serumlet's you scrap the sticky synthetics and style your hair with a lightweight, non-greasy, truly natural blend of botanicals. One dab will increase shine, build body, gather split ends and caress your style. 30ml
Choose One Dry Shampoo:
Frankincense Fortifying Dry Shampoo - Forget the shower – our Frankincense Fortifying Dry Shampoo has the power to keep hair strong, soft and supple between shampoos. This balancing powder can be massaged into the scalp at the hair follicle to absorb oil and increase volume without showering. 30ml
Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo - Invite a crown of fragrant flowers and floral essential oils to fluff and cleanse your hair. Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo can be massaged into the scalp at the hair follicle to absorb oil and increase volume without showering. 30ml
Natural Hair BrushNatural bristles nestle your hair in a nourishing embrace! The bristles of this natural hair brush are both strong and fine, helping the brush to tidy tresses. In fact, this brush is so gentle you can even use it on wet hair!
Medium tooth Wood Comb Our Wide tooth wood comb is crafted with ethically harvested Laos Rosewood and solid Incense Cedar. Stimulate the Crown Chakra as you create curls, tend to flyaways, and detangle lustrous locks.