Pine Cone, Piñon Essential Oil
Pine Cone, Piñon Essential Oil

Pine Cone, Piñon Essential Oil

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Pleasantly pulchritudinous Piñon Pine Cone Essential Oil is steam distilled from the satisfying seeds and cones of wild North American Pinus monophylla. As with all pinecone essences, it embodies purity and sanctity with the added Piñon-power to kindle communion with the brow chakra and magnify the mind with creative vision.

Botanical Name: Pinus monophylla
Botanical Name: Pinaceae
Extraction Method: Steam distilled.
Part of Plant Distilled: cones and seeds
Country of Origin: United States
Cultivation Method: Wild harvest
Composition: 100% Pinus monophylla
Consistency: Thin
Scent Description: Deep, resinous essence of fresh sap and mesquite, with terpenic-balsamic top notes.
Blends Well with: Pine, Laurel, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Silver Fir, Bergamot, Rose Otto, and Black Spruce.
Uses: Brow chakra tonic. In aromatherapy it is used as a purifier. Perfumes and colognes. Diffuse. Add a drop to baths and meditative inhalations.

Small Piñon pinecones are gifts of the American southwest. Each cone yields up to thirty nuts that are a staple in the diets of local Native American tribes and New Mexican cuisine. They are also enjoyed by various species of wildlife such as the piñon jay.

The essential oil that is steam distilled from the Piñon cone and seeds nourish the mind and soul, opening the higher chakras and inspiring lucid dreams. It is also said to enhance communications with ancient ancestors and ignite ancestral memory.

The smoky sap aroma with balsamic top notes is a muscular meditative essence that blends beautifully with crisp citrus, spicy Frankincense, expansive evergreens, and royal Rose for an enduring and endearing cologne.

"Pinyon pine essential oil contains a high amount of esters which are known for their balancing and calming properties. The seeds are edible and have provided food for people and animals for many years. [This oil's] energy is soft, supportive and nourishing."
~ Nan Martin, Experience Essential Oils