Red Champa Absolute
Red Champa Absolute
Red Champa Absolute
Red Champa Absolute
Red Champa Absolute
Red Champa Absolute

Red Champa Absolute

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Red Champa Absolute is the epitome of feminine beauty and grace. Red Champak, as it is also known, is primarily used in perfumes for its unparalleled fragrance and power to unleash the goddess within. The heavenly aroma is said to be spellbinding, igniting lovers in a mysterious passion borne from the blossoms of India’s wild champa flower.

Botanical Name: Michelia champaca
Botanical Family: Magnoliaceae
Extraction Method:Absolute
Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers
Country of Origin: India
Cultivation Method: Wild
Composition: Michelia champaca
Consistency: Medium viscosity
Scent Description: Transformative, tantalizing notes of apricot, berries, fresh melon, and a floral-hay bouquet reminiscent of thick, heavy-scented flower.
Blends well with: Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Vetiver, Patchouli, Spikenard, Gardenia, Vanilla, Lemon, Bergamot, and Grapefruit.

Uses: Love liniment. Perfumery. Diffuse or bathe in for an emotional uplift. Anoint wrists and pulse points for simple, sultry perfume that sure to make others swoon.
Constituents: Includes linalool, beta-caryophyllene, methyl eugenol, and beta-elemene.

These bold, beautiful blossoms are the key ingredient in some of the world’s most expensive perfumes and exquisite elixirs. Indian, Filipina, and Indonesian women traditionally wear the flowers of this fragrant plant as part of their beauty regimen. Champa absolute is an aromatic masterpiece that is luxurious in its depth of bouquet. 

In India, Red Champak blossoms are arranged in doorways, on ledges, and at entrances to buildings so that everyone who passes them can be uplifted by their fabulous floral fragrance. Considered sacred in India, the oil of the Champa buds was a key ingredient in Joy, the aromatic creation of 1930s fashion giant Jean Patou. It was the inclusion of Red Champa Blossoms in this famous perfume that made it the most expensive and elegant in the world at the time.

The bold, floral fantasia of Red Champa (aka Champaca and Champak) oil has been used throughout the millennia to adorn women awaiting their lovers. The spellbinding, sultry blossoming-bouquet of melon and buttery musk makes it a rare offering. A relative of the magnolia family, the Michelia champaka offers gorgeously fragrant yellow, white, and reddish-orange flowers that emerge from glossy green leaves during the mystic Indian spring. The essence is mainly used to create romantic perfumes, which serve as amorous aphrodisiacs. This audacious absolute anoints you in a transformative tantalizing aroma of pure, powerful seduction-serum.

Spiritually and emotionally, Red Champa Absolute is a wonderful attendant during meditation and times of grief. It is said to lift the spirits and inspire a sense of joy and euphoria. This oil’s ability to deepen the breath and expand our receptive states may further enhance the depths of your meditation practice and relaxed state of bliss.

“Champaca is native to the Philippines and Indonesia. In traditional customs, women wear the flowers in the hair, or behind the ears, where they open and release their scent. Champaca flowers are also used in garlands and for floating in water to scent rooms. The absolute is a light yellow-reddish oil with an intense, floral scent that is used to enhance jasmine accords.”
~ Jennifer Peace Rhind, Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice