Salt Pipe Set with Essential Oil Inhaling Kit
Salt Pipe Set with Essential Oil Inhaling Kit

Salt Pipe Set with Essential Oil Inhaling Kit

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Quick overview

Breathe it all in!

Our Salt Inhaler combines purifying Himalayan salt with breath-blessing pure plant Libations essences and blends. It inspires respiration and elevates your mood as you exhale limitations.

Our kit includes three clarifying camphorous blends and nine airy essential oils neatly stored in a beautiful solid pine box.

  • Longevity Liquid
  • Revive Alive Blend
  • Illume Classic Camphorous
  • Peppermint Essential
  • Black Spruce Essential
  • Balsam Fir Essential
  • Siberian Fir Essential
  • Lavender Essential
  • Grapefruit Essential
  • Frankincense Essential
  • Rosemary Essential
  • Eucalyptus Essential

Our Salt Inhaler is a positively purifying pipe that cleanses as you inhale by encouraging deep, purified inhalations as exhalations flush out impurities.

It is simple and easy to use: Inhale deeply through the mouth and exhale through the nose for 10 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can practice alternate nostril breathing, holding the inhaler to each nostril and inhaling deeply, while exhaling through the other nostril. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, micron salt particles and beneficial essential oil molecules are absorbed and elevate airways. It is handy purifying tool during air travel.

The Salt Inhaler works best when used in combination with essential oils known for their powers of restoration and mind clarification. Add these in combination, or individually to clear and boost breathing and elevate thinking:

Longevity Liquid - Let the altars of your airway sing alleluia! This blend is your breath’s best friend: it endows inhalations and makes exhalations ecstatic. Lungevity is a breath-blessing blend that opens you to expansive clarity. 5ml

Revive Alive - This blend is a deluxe renewer of breathing for sleeping, meditating, and studying. This mind clarifying, air purifying fusion of essences is a caring camphorous-combination for reviving breathing, allowing for deep, effortless, cleansing breaths. Diffuse throughout the house, add a few drops to your bath, or use with our salt inhaler. 5ml

Illume Classic Camphorous - Boost your body’s fortification force! We’ve conscripted a cavalry of verdant essences to cleanse and clarify, eliminate and illuminate, until your vibrancy and vitality are rebalanced and restored. Freshens breath too! Add to a steaming bath or use in a diffuser. 5ml

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)- The quintessential essence for cultivating reverence is Frankincense. Liquid pearls from the tree of life, Frankincense is distilled from the resinous sap of the tree. Anointed and inhaled in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, Frankincense has infused many ablutions to beautify the body. Our Frankincense is hydro-distilled from the fresh oleoresins of Frankincense trees grown in 5,000-year old groves. Frankincense is often used to improve the appearance of scars, age spots, and melasma. It is also a favorite for use during meditation, prayer and sacred ceremonies. 5ml

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) - Rousing Rosemary is an herbaceous revive-alive-verve tonic with a refreshing, penetrating aroma. Think of Rosemary as the feisty friend that stimulates sluggishness out of its stagnancy. Its reviving aroma is also mentally restorative, helping to increase focus and dispel confusion. Additionally, Rosemary releases emotional stagnation, revving emotions to move from apathy into renewed confidence and motivation. 5ml

Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica) - One of the finest-scented firs in all the land, Siberian Fir essence conjures Christmas tree twinkling lights and crisp starry nights – a piney hearth of snow-covered refreshment. Steam-distilled from the needles of Siberian Fir trees, this powerful wintertime wonder is spiritually associated with change. The stabilizing power of Siberian Fir helps us weather the season and face the world with fresh resolve and reason. Perfect for the Salt Inhaler, awesome in aroma diffusers, and a drop of Boreal-bliss in baths. 5ml

Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) - This balsamic beauty bottles the wild purity of the Boreal Forest and banishes the winter blues with time-tested stimulant that lifts the spirits and clears the sinuses. Wild-crafted from the needles of the Canadian balsam, our balsam fir is a clarifying, soothing decongestant that blankets sore muscles in refreshing tenderness. Balsam oil is traditionally harvested during the middle of winter, when the trees are at their freshest and most alive. It is during this vibrant, emotional time of the year that the trees produce the most sap, which in turn creates the most oil. Inhale the pure, untouched power of a pristine pine forest with each and every breath. 5ml

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) - Languid Lavender is famed for its ability to soothe body and mind. The lovely scent of Lavender caresses the senses, letting tension and restlessness unravel as you revel in Lavender’s lullaby that nestles nerves and rebalances verve.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) - Feel good with gleeful Grapefruit! This stimulating citrus gets your day going in the morning. Refresh your senses with this sunny citrus essence that lifts the spirits and makes disharmony nothing more than a distant memory.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) - A breath of fresh air for inhaling in the salt pipe! Pure organic Peppermint essential oil helps cool head, melt muscles, freshens breath, and focuses the mind. A dab on skin spots signaling SOS is nice like ice! Put in on your skin or in your tea to add some pep to your day.

Black Spruce (Picea mariana) - Strengthening Spruce is wild-crafted and steam distilled deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Spruce oil is milder and gentler than other evergreen oils and yet is still stimulating and invigorating. Enjoy this inviting evergreen fragrance reminiscent of summer-scented sap and crisp camphorous wood as you clarify the air and ease tension in the body.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) - Eucalyptus essential oil is one of nature’s most diversely used oils. Its fresh scent is great for massaging away tension and melting muscles. It is also used to exalt inhalations; just add a few drops to your diffuser or salt inhaler and feel this mighty essence works its magic.