Frankincense, Tigray Essential Oil
Frankincense, Tigray Essential Oil

Frankincense, Tigray Essential Oil

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Quick overview

Our transcendent Tigray Frankincense has a warm-ambery sweetness that sings to the calm choir inside. Celestial spheres rejoice in the timeless tale of this ancient aroma that has heralded eras along smoke signals of incensed connection and communion. Differing from Boswellia trees that perch cliffside, Papyrifera’s papyrus barked trees grow in wooded grasslands, bloom sweet smelling pink flowers, and produce a luminous yellow oleoresin. This Frankincense, the ancient signature scent of holy sacrament, emits a unique resinous-arch of ambery, balsamic-caramel, with surprising citrus-vespers making it one of the finest Frankincenses for crafting colognes and perspicacious perfumes. The warm, summer hay balsamic base and almost orangey edge make this the friendliest fragrance with a mellow “frankincense and chill” vibe.

Botanical Name: Boswellia papyrifera
Botanical Family: Burseraceae
Method of Extraction: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Resin
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Cultivation Method: Organic
Composition: 100% Boswellia papyrifera
Consistency: Thin, light yellow colored essence
Scent Description: Classic Frankincense astringency embraced by a soft citrus-amber embrace. Deep, sweet, and incense-like.
Blends well with: Grapefruit, Rose Otto, Fragonia, Neroli, Rockrose, Cistus, Hyssop, Clove, Marjoram, Bergamot, Firs, Blue Tansy, Myrrh, Spruce, Seabuckthorn, Immortelle, Opopanax, Ylang, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, and Chamomile.
Uses: A peerless pinch-hitter in perfumery. Divine in diffusers. Mindful in mediation. Transcendent Tigray is also tonifying. As with all Frankincense essential oils, it is superb for the skin and can be used neat or diluted in your favorite massage oils or soothing skin serums. Dab on fine lines, scars, and signs of imbalance. Combine with Immortelle and Rose Otto for a splendidly scar-defying serum. Excellent for oral care. Freshens breath as a botanical-biotic. A drop to delight a drink. A classical bathing beauty. Really good for all aspects of breathing and of course, it is fantastic in salt pipes and diffusers. For a quick mental boost, place one drop on the palm of the hand and then inhale. Make your breathing better in winter and lend your space a warm, invigorating aroma by diffusing a combination of Tigray, Pine, and Peppermint.
Constituents: This Boswellia constituent-cocktail emanates a pastel orange aroma from opulent amounts of octyl acetate (this imparts the pastel orange aroma and, in fact, is also present in citrus essential oils), along with octanol, and a little loving linalool. Minimal in monoterpenes (<9%) yet it is abundant with two substances unique to Tigray: the diterpenic cembrenoids of incensole and incensole acetate.

The warm, deep, rosy, and citrusy essential oil of Tigray fragrance is distilled from golden resin pearls from cultivated trees in the dry, mountain region of Ethiopia. Once established, Tigray trees can live for hundreds of years, though the species is threatened because tree seedlings are often over-grazed by livestock and farmers prematurely or too frequently harvest the resin. Careful conservation methods by the farmers who grow Tigray and distil our Frankincense help to preserve this ancient species for the future. Their preservation will give African bees a real buzz too, because Tigray’s long-blooming season and its pink, sweet smelling flowers provide honeybees with months and months of pollen and nectar.

"Until the daybreak, and the shadows flee away, I will get me to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense." ~Song of Solomon