Vanilla Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil

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Diaphanous, dream-like, and delicious, Vanilla is a pure, potent supercritical extract distilled from the velvety inner-orchid-nectar of the Vanilla bean. This oil is over 200 times more concentrated than a typical Vanilla extract used in cooking. Its high potency blesses us with a rich, thick, creamy essential oil that smells divine and charms all the time.

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
Botanical Name: Orchidaceae
Extraction Method: CO2
Part of Plant Distilled: Seed pods
Country of Origin: Uganda

Cultivation Method: Organic
Scent Description: Rich, sweet, balsamic and creamy.
Composition: 100% Vanilla planifolia
Consistency: Thick and crystalline at times.
In Living Libations: Chamomile Vanilla Lover Lips, Love Wine, Night Flight to Venus, Fire Lily, Being Free is Lots of Fun, Roses Shining Everywhere, Radiant Earth of Deep Delight, Radiant Earth Poetic Pits, Radiant Love Butter, Languid Love Butter, Lucky Love Butter, Love Lotion, and Garden Perfume.
Blends well with: Jasmine, Vetiver, Spikenard, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Neroli, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Lavender, Marjoram, Bergamot, Lemon, Tonka Bean, Roses, and Tuberose.
Uses: Culinary creations. Skin care serums. Sleepytime elixirs and diffuser blends. Sensual love potions. Paramount in petal perfumes. Diaphanous in diffusers.
Contraindications: When undiluted or concentrated some skin finds it sensitizing.
Pro Tip: Vanilla is thick and creamy and often crystalizes in cold; simply warm and shake to merge the crystalline oil and then, if you wish, mix with jojoba or another essential oil for easy pours.

Vanilla Essential Oil is typically found as an "absolute" or solvent-extracted oleoresin, yet our peerless CO2 distillation creates a completely pure and naturally potent product. Our solvent-free Vanilla Essential Oil is perfect for perfumes, love lotions, and pure enough to use in the kitchen. Dilute in virgin coconut oil and add a drop to smoothies, honey, chocolate making, and desserts. The sweet scent inspires a warm sense of nostalgia.

Considered by some to be the closest natural scent to a mother's milk, Vanilla Essential Oil comforts with its cloud nine scented caress.

"The perfumer is heavily indebted to vanilla... not only does it give a sweet and pleasing fragrance, but it is unusually lasting and is, therefore, excellent for "fixing" a fragrance."
~ Jill Jesse, Perfume Album

"For a while he was witched by the wind that yields faint fragrance of vanilla fields, and watched the pendulous humming-bird cling to the rocking flower, like a golden thing."
~ Frederick William Faber