Violet Leaf Absolute
Violet Leaf Absolute

Violet Leaf Absolute

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Verdurous Violet Leaf Absolute is like fresh-cut aromatic grass – a must for your perfumer's palette! This subtle, complex oil offers refreshing notes of green grass and cucumber with a floral dry-down to delight the senses.

Botanical Name: Viola odorata
Botanical Family: Violaceae
Extraction Method: Absolute
Part of Plant Distilled: Leaves
Country of Origin: France
Cultivation Method: Organic

Composition: 50% Viola odorata + 50% Organic Biodynamic Alcohol
Consistency: Thick viscosity made mobile with alcohol
Scent Description: Rustling green leaves dissolve to fresh-cut grass under a rain shower of floral perfume – with hints of cool cucumber and the faintest memory of clover.
Blends well with: Bergamot, Rose Otto, Lavender, Spikenard, Chamomile, Blood Orange, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Osmanthus, Orris Root, Marigold, and Jasmine.
Uses: This thick absolute is semi-solid at room temperature and best experienced in dilution, so we have made our Violet Leaf Absolute ready to pour for perfumery with 50% organic perfumer's alcohol. It is ready to go for use in exquisite perfumery and aromatherapy blends.

Violet Leaf Absolute is a refreshing, fetching fresh-mowed dream of felted forest floors! This absolute is extracted from the tender leaves of the Violet plant, which offers its unassuming aroma to all willing to stop and smell. Violet Leaf is also used for its emotional and spiritual benefits, which include sanctifying spaces and being sweet to shyness.

With a complex scent tapestry, Violet Leaf Absolute is a delightful addition to any natural perfumer's toolkit. Violet Leaf is also admired for its gift of rebirth. It is associated with new beginnings and fresh starts – perhaps because the aromas of fresh cut grass and clover conjure scent memories of springtime.

"Violet is for timidity of the spirit. There are those who have within them deep knowing, who silently marvel at the wonder of life, who are shy... For all those shy, timid spirits, violet offers understanding and empathy, and a way into the great open void of love."
~ Valerie Ann Worwood, Aromatherapy for the Soul

"Oil of violet leaves... is very important as it gives a highly desirable 'leafy' or 'dewy' effect to the violet fragrance... it takes thirty-three thousand pounds of violet leaves to yield one pound of the oil."
~ Jill Jessee, Perfume Album

"In perfumery... violet leaf compliments osmanthus and mimosa, and combines well with orris and lavender. According to Morris (1984), its sharp, leafy scent 'adds an unusual vibrato to floral and chypre perfumes."
~ Jennifer Peace Rhind, Fragrance and Wellbeing

"The sweet violet is an evergreen perennial woodland plant growing about 10cm tall and forming a carpet of growth that makes a good weed-excluding ground cover. It has short, oblique roots, procumbent stoloniferous stalks, ovate leaves, highly scented violet flowers (March to April) and round capsules. The parts used are the flowers and leaves; the roots are used only for preparation of galenic products. Violet has a pleasant, delicate floral odor and a slightly bitter taste."
~ George A. Burdock, Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Sixth Edition