Wintergreen Clean Charcoal Toothpaste
Wintergreen Clean Charcoal Toothpaste
Wintergreen Clean Charcoal Toothpaste

Wintergreen Clean Charcoal Toothpaste

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Living Libations Wintergreen Clean Charcoal Toothpaste polishes your teeth with purity, freshens your breath with the clean of wintergreen, and reveals the sheen of your pearly whites with the black of natural charcoal.

How does pitch-black paste reveal shiny, white teeth? It acts like a magnet, binding with gritty plaque, surface stains, and oral toxins. A quick rinse brings buff teeth and a brilliant smile.

Use: Use as you would toothpaste. Apply a small pearl to a dry toothbrush and brush. Combine with Happy Gum Drops, Yogi Tooth Serum, or Mint + Myrrh Serum for a boost. Follow the 8 Steps to Successful Self-Dentistry.


This cleansing carbon acts like a magnet to remove impurities from the mouth and to clear surface stains from teeth. This black powder unearths your pearly whites as it purifies and erases surface stains.

We look to the Moh’s Hardness Scale to determine if a compound is safe for oral care. The Mohs Hardness Scale is a 1-10 measure of hardness where talc is 1 and diamonds are 10. To use the Mohs scale to determine if a substance is too abrasive for the enamel, one compares the Mohs hardness value of a compound with the hardness of tooth enamel and dentin. Tooth enamel is about 5.5 and dentin is 2 – 2.5. Charcoal is a 1-2 on the Mohs scale, which makes it softer than both enamel and dentin, so it is non-damaging to the teeth.

Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking soda Teeth thrive when they are bathed in a sea of sweet saliva, and baking soda buffers and neutralizes food acids. In addition to being an effective cleaning polish, baking soda is gentle. It has significantly lower abrasiveness than the cleaning agents of chalk and silica that are used in commercial toothpastes, and the baking soda’s natural alkalinity neutralizes bacterial acidity.
Virgin Coconut Oil - Cocos nucifera This diverse oil is a caring carrier oil and botanicalbiotic coconspirator that balances oral ecology. This optimal oil soothes the oral tissue and gently removes bacteria that cause bad breath.
Saponified Olive Oil - Olea europaea Our organic saponified Olive oil captures all of the nourishing, moisturizing properties of olive oil while enhancing the oil’s ability to help remove plaque from the teeth. Saponification is a chemical reaction that occurs when the oil is treated with a highly alkaline solution.
Rose Petals - Rosa centifolia Ravishing Rose Petals are harvested from our distiller’s organic Rose Otto fields in Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses and pressed into a pink powder of petals. This fantastically fragrant and toning powder gives nourishing flower-power to our toothpaste.
Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis Rousing Rosemary is an herbaceous revive-alive-verve tonic with a refreshing, penetrating aroma. Think of rosemary as the feisty friend that stimulates sluggishness out of its stagnancy. Rosemary supercritical extract is a super-powered distillation that is highly concentrated and filled with bioactive compounds including carnosic acid, camphor, and rosmaridiphenol. It serves as a natural preservative while providing all of the benefits of rosemary for optimal oral environments.
Wintergreen - Gaultheria fragrantissima Wondrous Wintergreen essence awakens the senses with a burst of cooling mint and snow-capped freshness. Steam-distilled from the bright red berries and leaves of wild wintergreen, thriving even in the coldest of temperatures, this oil blesses with an essence of longevity and fortitude.
Spearmint - Mentha spicata Sprightly Spearmint is Peppermint’s softer, more understated, cousin. Fresh, fragrant spearmint soothes the senses with whispers of minty magnificence! The ancient Greeks chose spearmint to scent their bath water, while medieval populations used the herb to freshen breath and clean teeth. Like its cousin, spearmint also inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath.