Australian Heather Essential Oil
Australian Heather Essential Oil

Australian Heather Essential Oil

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Inhale the Outback’s finest floral fragrance, Australian Heather Essential Oil is brightly floral with clean undertones and a woodsy finish. This lovely and spritely essence is a perfect single note perfume, the dew to make a bath bloom, and a vibrant way to defuse delight into a room.

Botanical Name: Calytrix exstipulata

Botanical Family: Myrtaceae

Extraction Method: steam distilled

Country of Origin: Western Australia

Cultivation Method: Wild harvested

Composition:100% Calytrix exstipulata

Consistency: Thin-Medium

Scent Description: Sparkles of citrus, floral wafts, with a woodsy rhapsody.

Part of Plant Distilled: Flowers

Blends well with: Blood Orange, Geranium, Nerolina, Rosalina, Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Black Spruce, White Fir, Silver Fir, Douglas Fir, Frankincense, Ylang, Rose, Neroli, and Bergamot.

Uses: Perfect in perfumes as a single note essence or combined with other oils for a complex scent. Diffuse with lavender to fill a room with a field of flowers. Bath in its beauty with a drop of its dew. Replenishing in blends and massage oils.


Australian Heather is an intensely fragrant flower; the aroma starts bright and lemony with a middle note of herbaceous green followed with floral and woody notes. The scent is refreshing and uplifting rather than super-sweet. 


This glorious, starry-pink flowered shrub grows in substantial swaths in the Kimberleys in rugged western Australia. Only 10% of a shrub’s flowers are hand-harvested from these wild plants. The flowers are slowly steam distilled to release the floral, open-field aroma of Australian Heath. This is considered one of the most beautiful scents in the world.